Involving everyone in the design process
The New Art Exchange is a centre for black contemporary arts in Nottingham. Architects Hawkins Brown created this mini monolith which has given the community a new creative hub.
The building was just one stage of the design process. The client was keen for everyone to be involved in the centre’s visual identity, to connect them to the project from the start.
I asked the centre’s future users what they thought and ran a session with stakeholders which resulted in an analysis of all the things that mattered to people. This then fed into the design process of producing the visual identity.
Elements of the mark
I contrasted the lines of the building with the curves of the visual identity. The three lines represent the arts centre’s African, African Caribbean and South Asian-led arts practice. The free flowing interlocking of the lines represents the exchange of ideas, dialogue, culture, religion and the arts. The overall feel is open, friendly and welcoming to all, both locally and internationally.
The visual identity was implemented throughout the building, working alongside the architects and City Council planners.

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