Spit 'n' lick
Angela Bartram is a performance artist and has done some interesting work with her pet dog woofer and other canine companions. This project is called ‘Between Bodies: An Artist’s Account of the Oral Connection Between Human and Dog’.
This book not only celebrates ‘Between Bodies’ but 5 years of work as an artist, practising live art, video and sculpture.
“Eskimo worked from the outset to understand the needs of the product I wanted and how I wanted it to look. I was impressed by the way they immersed themselves in the work in order to understand and better facilitate my position. They went to great lengths to make sure all stages of the project were agreed with me, and communication at all stages of the project was excellent. They worked hard to keep the project in budget and did a tremendous job under tight chronological constraints. I found Eskimo to be very people centred, forward thinking and imaginative and I trusted them implicitly to do the job I wanted. For future projects they will be my designers of choice.”
Angela Bartram
Senior lecturer in fine art & practicing contemporary artist

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